1 Everyday Conversational Expressions Greetengs


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* 1 Greetings


1.1 When you briefly greet somebody


Hi!    Listen <Hi! How are you? I am fine, thanks. How are you doing?>

Hello!   Listen <Hello, Jane! Good morning, Bob>

Hi there!   Listen < – “Wow, you’re already back!”>

Greetings.   Listen<Greetings, my friend. Hows everything? Hello! Everything is fine.>

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1.2 When you greet somebody more politely


How are you?   Listen  <Hi, how are you? Im fine, thank you. How are things with you?>

How is everything?   Listen  <Hello! How is everything? Fine. What about you? Have you been keeping out of trouble?>

Hows it going?   Listen  <Hi, hows it going? Its going OK. How about you? Have you been keeping busy?>

How has it been?   Listen  <Hi, how has it been? Alright. Have you been OK?>

How have you been?   Listen  <Hello, Bill. How have you been? Ive been OK, thank you. How are you?>

(Chiefly formal or British) How do you do? Listen  <How do you do, Mr. Johnson? How do you do, Molly?>

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1.3 When you greet somebody at a particular time of the day


Good morning.   Listen  <Good morning. Nice to see you. Morning. You sure get up early!>

How are you this morning?   Listen      < – “I’m well. And you?”>

Good afternoon.   Listen  <Good afternoon. Hows everything? Hello. Everything is alright, thank you.>

Afternoon!   Listen   < – “Hi! How are you today?”>

Good evening.   Listen  <Good evening. How are you? Im fine. How was your day?>

Evening!   Listen  <Evening, neighbor! How have you been? Good evening, my friend. Im OK. How about you?>

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1.4 When you greet a person you have not seen for a long time


I havent seen you in a long time! Listen  <Hello! Do you still remember me, old friend? Oh, sure. I havent seen you in a long time! How have you been? - Ive been alright. Im so glad to see you!>

I havent seen you in years! Listen  < Its so nice to meet you here!>

I havent seen you in ages! Listen  < Ive been busy. How are things with you?>

Long time no see!   Listen A A long time has passed since we saw each other. < Wow, Bob! Is that you? How has it been?>

Its good to see you again! Listen  < Nice to see you, too! Im so glad we met again!>

Where have you been hiding yourself? Listen A I have not seen you for a long time. < Ive moved out of town. Im visiting here.>

Where have you been keeping yourself? Listen  < I got married and moved in with my husband. We live across the river.>

I dont see you much around here anymore. Listen  < I got a job with another company.>

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