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* 11 Encouragement (p.3 of 3)


11.11�� When you are ready to grab an opportunity


I won�t hesitate.�� Listen�� <�When I see a clear shot, I won�t hesitate.�>

I won�t think twice.�� Listen�� AI�ll make a decision almost immediately.��� <�If they offer me a good salary, I won�t think twice.�>

I�ll do it without a second thought.�� Listen�� AI�ll do it without thinking whether it is right or wrong.��� <�If my company offers me to move to California, I�ll do it without a second thought.�>

I�ll do it in a heartbeat.�� Listen�� AI�ll do it almost immediately.��� <�If I need to spend all my money on my daughter�s health, I�ll do it in a heartbeat.�>

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11.12�� When a person is hesitating


He can�t make up his mind.�� Listen�� AHe cannot make a decision.��� <�The boss doesn�t know yet if he wants to go forward with this deal. He can�t make up his mind.�>

He is dragging his feet.�� Listen�� <�He knows he has to make a decision, but he is dragging his feet.�>

He got cold feet.�� Listen�� <�The bridegroom got cold feet right before the wedding.�>

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11.13�� When you are not happy about the insufficiency of somebody�s efforts


Is that it?�� Listen�� < � �Lord knows I�ve tried.�>

Is that all?�� Listen�� < � �I�ve done my best.�>

Do you call that finished?�� Listen�� <�I told you to clean your room. Do you call that finished?�>

This won�t do.�� Listen�� AThis effort won�t suffice.��� <�I�m glad you managed to raise so much money. But you need much more. This won�t do.�>

That won�t do it.�� Listen�� AThat effort won�t bring you a desirable result.��� <�I know how hard you practiced. However, your opponent is very strong. That won�t do it.�>

That doesn�t cut it.�� Listen�� AThat effort doesn�t suffice.��� <�The government has done something to improve its performance. Very little, though. That does not cut it. We are in recession, you know.�>

This is not a masterpiece.�� Listen�� AThis is not an outstanding work.��� <�I have a copy of your report. This is not a masterpiece. The management can easily stop financing your project.�>

Once more with feeling.�� Listen�� ARepeat this passage once more; this time with passion.��� <The film director told the actress, �Once more with feeling.�>

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11.14�� When you indicate that an almost done job does not count


You almost had it.�� Listen�� AYou almost achieved it.��� <�I�m so sorry you lost the final fight of the championship. You almost had it.�>

So near and yet so far.�� Listen�� AThe result was within reach, but it was not achieved.��� <�I tried to open the door and let the people out of the burning house, but the door was locked. So near and yet so far.�>

So close and yet so far.�� Listen�� <�How did you do in the contest?� � �I came in second, right after the winner. So close and yet so far.�>

Close, but no cigar.�� Listen�� AYou missed, so you are not winning a cigar as a prize.��� <�I forgot your brother�s name. Is it Jim?� � �Close, but no cigar. It�s Josh.�>

You were within a hair�s breadth.�� Listen�� AYou were within a very close distance.��� <�You finished the race almost neck and neck with the gold medalist. Almost! You were within a hair�s breadth.�>

A miss is as good as a mile.�� Listen�� AA small failure that causes a loss is no better than a big blunder.��� <�The other candidate lost the election race by two per cent only.� � �Anyway, he lost it. A miss is as good as a mile.�>

Nice try.�� Listen�� AAlthough you missed, I compliment your attempt.��� <�You were within a hair�s breadth of beating the world record. Nice try, though.�>

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11.15�� When a person isn�t doing enough


You�re not helping as much as you should.�� Listen�� <�Look, I have almost completed the job. You�re not helping as much as you should.�>

You�re not doing your share.�� Listen�� AYou are not working as hard as others.��� <�Johnny, your father works and makes money. Your mother cooks and keeps the home fires burning. Your job, Johnny, is to learn in school, which you don�t do well. You�re not doing your share.�>

You�re not doing your fair share.�� Listen�� <�My dear husband, you should be more helpful around the house. You�re not doing your fair share.�>

You�re not pulling your own weight.�� Listen�� AYou are not doing your share.��� <�Your teammates are complaining about you. You�re not pulling your own weight.� � �I�m doing the best I can.�>

You�re slacking off.�� Listen�� <�I�m afraid you can�t work at our cooperative anymore. You�re slacking off.�>

Stop being such a lazybones.   Listen   <“Get a normal job and a haircut. Stop being such a lazybones.”>

You�re not living up to your potential.�� Listen�� AYou are not fulfilling expectations.��� <�Working atmosphere in our company is conducive to career growth. You�re not living up to your potential, though.>

You�re not living up to your end of the bargain.�� Listen�� AYou are not doing your portion of the agreement.��� <�I supplied you the goods you ordered. You haven�t paid for the shipment yet. You�re not living up to your end of the bargain.�>

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11.16�� When you encourage a person whose attitude is improving


Now you�re talking!�� Listen�� AFinally you are saying what is right.��� <�Next semester I�ll study really hard.� � �Now you�re talking.�>

There you go!�� Listen�� AFinally you are doing what is right.��� <�Now I understand I have to study hard.� � �There you go! I�m really pleased to hear that from you.�>

That�s the way to go!�� Listen�� AYou are on the right track, so continue doing that.��� <�I�m glad you finally got a decent job and settled down. That�s the way to go!�>

That�s more like it.�� Listen�� AThat thing or action is closer to what is right.��� <�I study eleven hours a day.� � �That�s more like it. I would like to see some results, too.�>

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