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* 12 Stress, Anxiety, Excitement (p.2 of 9)


12.5�� When you are desperate


My heart is broken.�� Listen�� A �My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow.��� <�My girlfriend is leaving me. My heart is broken.�>

I�m heartbroken.�� Listen�� <�What am I going to do now? I�m heartbroken�, said my sister, and then she burst into tears.>

I�m broken-hearted.�� Listen�� <�I�ve read your desperate letter. I�m broken-hearted.�>

It�s broken my heart.�� Listen�� <�My beloved dog is sick. It has broken my heart.�>

I�m wearing my heart upon my sleeves.�� Listen�� A �I am showing my emotions openly.��� <�I�m grieving deeply. I can�t hide my sorrow. I�m wearing my heart upon my sleeves.�>

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12.6�� When you are angry


I�m furious.�� Listen�� <�My ex-boyfriend is such a jerk! I�m furious.�>

I�m so mad I could scream.�� Listen�� <�He openly betrayed me. I�m so mad I could scream.�>

I’ve never been so mad in my life.   Listen   <“Listen to what the newspapers are writing about me! I’ve never been so mad in my life.”>

That burns me up.�� Listen�� A �That ignites my anger.��� <�He keeps spreading gossip about me. That burns me up.�>

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12.7�� When you are scared


I�m so scared.�� Listen�� <�A war broke out. I�m so scared.�>

I�m scared to death.�� Listen�� A �I am scared very much.��� <�Something exploded in the street. I�m scared to death.�>

I�m scared silly.�� Listen�� <�It was a gunshot! I�m scared silly.�>

I�m frightened.�� Listen�� A �I am filled with fright.��� <�There is a man outside. I�m frightened.�>

I�m terrified.�� Listen�� A �I am filled with terror.��� <�This storm is fierce! I have never been so scared in my life. I�m terrified.�>

I�m petrified.�� Listen�� A �I am scared stiff.��� <�There is a wolf in the woods. I�m petrified.�>

I�m shaking like a leaf.�� Listen�� <�The boss told me that I would make a presentation for the potential customer. It�s a million-dollar deal. I�m shaking like a leaf.�>

I almost jumped out of my skin.�� Listen�� A �I was so scared I almost reacted uncontrollably.��� <�Suddenly, I saw a mouse. I almost jumped out of my skin.�>

I almost had a nervous breakdown.�� Listen�� <�I thought he would attack me. I almost had a nervous breakdown.�>

I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.�� Listen�� <�The wind was so strong that trees began crashing on the ground. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.�>

I broke out in a cold sweat.�� Listen�� <�When I heard the frightening news, I broke out in a cold sweat.�>

I had goose bumps.�� Listen�� A �I was so scared goose bumps broke out on my skin.��� <�The strange man approached me. I had goose bumps.�>

It gave me goose bumps.�� Listen�� <�The rain intensified. It gave me goose bumps.�>

It made my flesh crawl.�� Listen�� <�I heard a clap of thunder. It made my flesh crawl.�>

My teeth chattered.�� Listen�� <�I heard a scream. My teeth chattered.�>

My blood curdled.�� Listen�� <�The movie was scary. My blood curdled.�>

You frightened me.�� Listen�� <I quietly entered the room and my sister told me, �You frightened me.�>

You startled me.�� Listen�� < � �I�m sorry. I didn�t see you there.�>

You scared me.�� Listen�� <I touched my sister by the shoulder and she screamed, �You scared me!�>

You scared me to death.�� Listen�� <I moved my hand and she said, �You scared me to death.�>

You scared me out of my wits.�� Listen�� <I was sitting in the room when my sister entered. I greeted her. �You scared me out of my wits�, said she.>

You scared the wits out of me.�� Listen�� <I had a walk in the forest and met with my sister. �You scared the wits out of me�, she yelled.>

You scared the living daylight out of me.�� Listen�� <I coughed in the corner of the room. My sister exclaimed, �You scared the living daylight out of me.�>

You scared the devil out of me.�� Listen�� <I opened a bottle of sparkling wine with a bang. �You scared the devil out of me�, said one of the guests.>

You scared the hell out of me.�� Listen�� <I dropped a frying pan on the tile floor and a rattling sound reverberated in the kitchen for a minute. �You scared the hell out of me�, said the cook.>

You scared the crap out of me.�� Listen�� <The car in front of me suddenly stopped and I slammed the brakes. �You scared the crap out of me�, said my passenger.>

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12.8�� When you drink too much


I drink too much.�� Listen�� <He admitted to his doctor, �I drink too much.�>

I�ve been drinking too much.�� Listen�� <�Since I lost my job, I�ve been drinking too much.�>

I drink in excess.�� Listen�� <�I drink in excess. But I�m not an alcoholic.�>

I drink to excess.�� Listen�� <�I drink to excess. It helps me to stay sane.�>

I drink excessively.�� Listen�� <�I drink excessively. Everybody in our office does.�>

I probably drink more than I should.�� Listen�� <�I probably drink more that I should. I will quit soon.�>

I get drunk almost every day.�� Listen�� <�I get drunk almost every day. If I don�t, I feel empty.�>

I am an alcoholic.�� Listen�� <�I am an alcoholic. I need help.�>

I can�t quit drinking.�� Listen�� <�I can�t quit drinking. I began drinking socially. I ended up drinking alone.�>

I�ve never had a drink in my life!�� Listen�� <�I�ve never had a drink in my life! I swear on a stack of Bibles!�>

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