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12.19 When you are satisfied with life as it is


I am satisfied with life. Listen <I live with my wife. The kids are grown up. Im satisfied with life.>

Im at peace. Listen <I have had a major surgery recently. My future doesnt look too good, but the doctor is saying I still have some time. Im at peace.>

My soul is at peace. Listen <Im sick. My soul is at peace, though.>

Im feeling peaceful. Listen <All the troubles of my turbulent youth are long gone. Im feeling peaceful.>

My minds at ease. Listen <Ive lived my life well. My mind is at ease.>

Im content. Listen <All my aspirations and disappointments are forgotten now. Im content.>

Im going with the flow. Listen <Im retired now. Im going with the flow.>

Im enjoying life on my terms. Listen <Im leading a quiet and modest life. Im enjoying life on my terms.>

Ive come to terms with reality. Listen <Many years have passed since my son died in an accident. Ive come to terms with reality.>

Ive come to terms with myself. Listen <Im not young any more. Ive come to terms with myself.>

I accept myself for what I am. Listen <Im an old man now. I accept myself for what I am.>

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12.20 When something causes emotional response


It sent shivers down my spine. Listen A It made me emotionally excited. <The orchestra began playing my favorite old song. It sent shivers down my spine.>

It gave me butterflies in my stomach. Listen <The speaker finished his speech on a highly emotional note. It gave me butterflies in my stomach.>

It gave me goose bumps. Listen <In the album I saw a photograph of my fathers in a military uniform. It gave me goose bumps.>

It gave me the chills. Listen <I thought about walking through the park on a stormy night. It gave me the chills.>

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12.21 When a person looks happy


You look like you just won a million dollars. Listen < I got a job!>

You look like you died and went to heaven. Listen < I got accepted!>

You look like a happy camper. Listen A You look like a happy person. < I bought a brand new car.>

Why do you have that smile on your face? Listen < The stock Im holding has just gone up.>

Why do you have that smirk on your face? Listen < Im going to Las Vegas for a short vacation.>

Whatre you smiling about? Listen < My wife delivered a baby.>

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12.22 When you are bored with a person or event


Im bored. Listen <Is this show over yet? Im bored.>

Im bored to tears Listen <This is the worst movie Ive ever seen. Im bored to tears.>

Im bored to death. Listen <This comedian isnt funny at all. Im bored to death.>

Im falling asleep. Listen <Are they playing basketball or what? Im falling asleep.>

Wake me up when its over. Listen <Are you still watching this sitcom? Wake me up when its over.>

Tell me when its over. Listen <This hockey match is too slow. Tell me when its over.>

Is it over yet? Listen <This ceremony has been going on and on. Is it over yet?>

What a yawner. Listen A What a boring performance. <This movie has been on for fifteen minutes, and they didnt show any action yet. What a yawner.>

Im sick and tired of this. Listen <Do we need to Listen to his entire speech? Im sick and tired of it.>

Im fed up. Listen <This is a very boring book. I dont want to read it any more. Im fed up.>

This could go on forever. Listen <Are they still playing? This could go on forever.>

This is like a broken record. Listen A This performance is repetitive. <The orchestra should be bored with what they are playing. This is like a broken record.>

Its really wearing on me. Listen <Why is this music so repetitive? It is really wearing on me.>

Its starting to wear on me. Listen <I dont want to watch this movie any more. It is starting to wear on me.>

Are we having fun yet? Listen <Hey, boys! Are we having fun yet?>

Wheres the party? Listen <Im sort of tired of waiting already. Where is the party?>

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