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14.1 When a person is in good health


He looks good. Listen <Look at uncle John. He looks good.>

Hes looking good. Listen <The baby is plump and happy. Hes looking good.>

He looks like a million dollars. Listen <I remember what he looked like three years ago. He had his surgery then. He is much, much better now. He looks like a million dollars.>

She is the picture of health. Listen <Im looking at Kellys wedding photographs. She is the picture of health.>

Her face is glowing with health. Listen <Her Mexican vacation helped her a lot. Her face is glowing with health.>

Her doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Listen A The doctor gave her a good report of her physical condition. <Tests show that she doesnt have any significant disease. Her doctor gave her a clean bill of health.>

He is healthy as a horse. Listen <This athlete regularly runs the Olympic Marathon distance for training. He is healthy as a horse. >

She is fresh as a daisy. Listen <Obviously, this actress takes very good care of herself. She is fresh as a daisy.>

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14.2 When you are not well


Im sick. Listen <Are you OK? Im sick. Whats wrong with you?>

I feel sick. Listen <Are you feeling OK? I feel sick. Im sorry to hear that. What seems to be the trouble?>

Im sick as a dog. Listen <Howre you feeling? Im sick as a dog.>

I feel ill. Listen <How do you feel? I feel ill.>

I dont feel well. Listen <Are you all right? I dont feel well.>

I dont feel so well. Listen <Do you feel all right? I dont feel so well.>

I feel weak. Listen <Hows your health? I feel week.>

I feel lousy. Listen <You seem sick. Im concerned. I feel lousy.>

I feel under the weather. Listen A I feel as if the weather is taking its toll on me. I feel ill. <Do you feel all right? No. I feel under the weather.>

Im not feeling myself. Listen <Howre you doing? Im not feeling myself.>

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14.3 When you are worn out


Im exhausted. Listen <Whats wrong with you? Oh, its my work. Im exhausted.>

Im ready to faint. Listen <Howre you doing? Im ready to faint.>

I need some rest. Listen <Somethings wrong with me. I need some rest.>

I need a vacation. Listen <Ive been working too much lately. I need a vacation.>

I need a day off. Listen <Boss, Ive done my part for this week. I need a day off.>

I need to take a day off. Listen <I am worn out. I need to take a day off.>

I need a nap. Listen <I have been driving all night. I need a nap.>

I need some downtime. Listen <I worked two shifts back to back. I need some downtime.>

I need a break. Listen <I am overworked. I need a break.>

I need to take a break. Listen <Im tired. I need to take a break.>

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14.4 When a person does not look well


You dont look well. Listen <You dont look well. Take it easy. Do you want to go to bed?>

You dont look too good. Listen <You dont look too good. Why dont you take a day off?>

You dont look so good. Listen <You dont look so good. Why dont you take a short vacation?>

Youre pale. Listen <Youre pale. You need fresh air.>

You look pale. Listen <You look pale. Go home and take a nap.>

Youre white as a ghost. Listen <Youre white as a ghost. Go to bed immediately. Im calling a doctor.>

You look flushed. Listen <Sit down and rest. You look flushed. Wow! Your blood pressure is out of whack.>

Your face is flushed. Listen <Your face is flushed. Are you dizzy? Im concerned about you.>

You look like you need some sleep. Listen <You look like you need some sleep. Why dont you go to bed?>

You look tired. Listen <You look tired. You need some rest.>

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