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* 15 Visiting (p.1 of 6)


15.1�� When you announce your arrival for a business appointment


I am here to see Mr. Johnson.�� Listen�� <�My name is John Smith. I am here to see Mr. Johnson.�>

I have an appointment with Mr. Johnson.�� Listen�� <�I am an insurance agent. I have an appointment with Mr. Johnson.�>

Could you please tell Mr. Johnson I am here?�� Listen�� <�I am an investment broker. Here�s my business card. Could you please tell Mr. Johnson I am here?�>

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15.2�� When you ask for permission to visit somebody


Can I come over?�� Listen�� (used with could or can or may)�� < � �Sure. Come over at your convenience.�>

Could I come over tomorrow?�� Listen�� (used with could or can or may)�� <�We need to discuss some important matter. Can I come over tomorrow?�>

Do you mind if I stop by later today?�� Listen�� <�I want to show you some documents. Do you mind if I stop by later today?�>

Would you mind if I stopped by later?�� Listen�� <�We need to talk. Would you mind if I stopped by later?�>

Would it be a problem if I dropped by for a few minutes sometime?�� Listen�� < � �No problem. Please drop by.�>

Would it be alright if I dropped by for a few minutes?�� Listen�� < � �It will be perfectly all right.�>

When would be a good time for me to come over?�� Listen�� < � �Any time tonight.�>

When is a good time for you?�� Listen�� < � �Please come over this afternoon.�>

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15.3�� When you want to learn more about the event you are invited to


What time should I be there?�� Listen�� < � �The event begins at 7p.m. Please come over at least half an hour earlier.�>

What do you have planned?�� Listen�� < � �The program will be busy. We are still making arrangements.�>

Is it casual or formal?�� Listen�� < � �The event is very casual.�>

How should I dress?�� Listen�� < � �Any decent casual wear will be OK.�>

What should I wear?�� Listen�� < � �This event is formal. A suit and tie will be appropriate.�>

I am planning to drive. How�s the parking at your place?�� Listen�� <�There is plenty of parking space at our place. Regular parking is free. Also, there will be valet parking available for guests.�>

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15.4�� When you want to show initiative to bring something for a meal


Can I bring something?�� Listen�� (used with could or can or may)�� <�There will be many people at the event. Can I bring something?�>

Can I bring anything?�� Listen�� (used with could or can or may)�� <�Can I bring anything? Will it be appropriate?�>

Do I need to bring anything?�� Listen�� <�Do I need to bring anything? What if I bring some food?�>

Should I bring anything?�� Listen�� <�Are other people bringing food or wine? Should I bring anything?�>

Would you like me to bring something?�� Listen�� < � �Please don�t bother. We have plenty of everything.�>

What should I bring?�� Listen�� < � �You don�t need to bring anything. We hired a restaurant to cater the event.�>

Shall I bring wine?�� Listen�� <�Shall I bring wine? I have a bottle of good Chardonnay.�>

Would you like me to bring wine?�� Listen�� < � �What kind of wine do you have?�>

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15.5�� When you want to tell at what time you will return home


I'll be right back.�� Listen�� <�I�m going to see Nick now. He is staying at The Holiday Inn.� � �Don�t be gone too long.� � �I�ll be right back.�>

I'll be back by eleven.�� Listen�� < � �It�s late. Can you make it home earlier than that?�>

I'll be home late.�� Listen�� < � �I�ll be waiting for you.�>

I'll be gone just a few hours.�� Listen�� < � �OK, take your time. I have a lot of work to do.�>

Don't wait up for me.�� Listen�� < � �OK, then I will go to bed. Don�t wake me up when you come back.�>

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15.6�� When you need to apologize for being late


Sorry I'm late.�� Listen�� < � �We started without you.�>

Sorry to keep you waiting.�� Listen�� < � �Don�t worry. We are still waiting for some other guests.�>

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.�� Listen�� <�I�m sorry to have kept you waiting. Traffic on the freeway was hell.�>

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