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15.17 When you offer a visitor a seat


Have a seat. Listen <Please come in. Have a seat.>

Please sit down. Listen A Take a seat. <Please sit down. Let me get you something to drink.>

Please take a chair. Listen <Please take a chair. This one is comfortable.>

Take this chair. It's more comfortable. Listen <Come in and sit down. Take this chair. It is more comfortable.>

Would you prefer a more comfortable chair? Listen < No, I am all right here.>

Would you like to sit over here? Listen < Yes, let me sit by the fireplace.>

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15.18 When you offer a visitor a drink


Would you like something to drink? Listen < Gin and tonic, please. I need to relax.>

Would you care for a drink? Listen < Yes, I would. A glass of wine, please.>

Can I get you something to drink? Listen (used with can or may or could) < Just a soda pop, if you dont mind.>

Would you like to freshen up a bit? Listen < Do you have ginger ale?>

What would you like to drink? Listen < Oh, just a cup of hot tea. Thatll be all right.>

The bar is over there. Please help yourself. Listen < Ill grab a beer.>

I hope you don't mind getting yourself a drink. Listen < Not at all. Ill get something.>

Get yourself a drink and something to eat. Listen < Thank you. Its very kind of you. Ill get a sandwich and some red wine.>

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15.19 When you invite a guest to stay for dinner


Can you stay and have dinner with us? Listen < That would be great. Thank you for your hospitality.>

Would you care to stay for dinner? Listen < Oh, sure. What could be better than to share a meal with friends.>

Can you stay for dinner? Listen < I am very grateful to you, but not this time. I have some work to do tonight.>

Can you have dinner with us? Listen < Its very kind of you, but I really have to go.>

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15.20 When you direct a visitor to a particular room


Would you like to join us in the backyard? Listen A Do you want to join us? < Oh, I didnt know everybody was there.>

Would you care to join us in the living room? Listen < With great pleasure.>

Please come into the living room. Listen < Oh, there everybody is!>

Come on in the living room. Listen < What a delight to see everyone.>

Everyone is in the living room. Listen < OK, let me introduce myself to everyone.>

Everyone seems to be in the kitchen. Listen < Great! Lets help the hostess prepare the food.>

The other guests are in the garden. Listen < Let me join them.>

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15.21 When you want a visitor to meet with other guests


Please feel free to mingle with the other guests. Listen < Thank you. I believe I know some of them.>

Please go around and introduce yourself to everyone. Listen < Thank you. What a terrific gathering!>

Can you just introduce yourself to the other guests? Listen < Yes. I have been introduced to some of them already.>

Just go in and meet everyone. Listen < Thank you. What a lovely group of people.>

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15.22 When you meet with other guests


May I join you? Listen A Will you allow me to sit with you and share your conversation? (used with can or may or could) < Sure. Pull up a chair.>

Do you mind if I join you? Listen < Get a drink and sit on the sofa.>

Hello, my name is Bob. Listen < Nice to meet you, Bob. I am Jane. Nice to meet you, too.>

Hello, I am Betty. Listen < Nice meeting you, Betty. I am Mark.>

So, how do you know Jack and Alice? Listen < We grew up together.>

I work with Jack. Listen < How interesting. I know that your work is highly scientific.>

I am a friend of Alice's. Listen <I am a friend of Alices. We met in college and maintained friendly relationships since.>

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