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* 18 Telling Time (p.1 of 2)


18.1 When you ask the time of day


What time is it? Listen < Its seven thirty in the morning. Ive got to get up.>

What time is it now? Listen < Its half past seven. Its time to get up.>

Could you please tell me the time? Listen < Its a few minutes after eight in the morning. The morning rush hours have just begun.>

Could you tell me what time it is? Listen < Its one oclock in the afternoon. Its my lunchtime.>

Do you know what time it is? Listen < Its three in the afternoon. Its the beginning of the evening rush hours.>

Do you know the time? Listen < Its six oclock in the evening. Its my dinnertime.>

Do you have the time? Listen < Its eleven fifteen at night. Im going to bed.>

Do you have the correct time? Listen < Its a quarter past eleven. Its our bedtime.>

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18.2 When it is 12 oclock in the daytime (12 p.m.)


Its noon. Listen <Its noon. Its midday. Its the time when the sun crosses the local meridian.>

It's twelve noon. Listen <Its twelve noon. Its the middle of the day.>

It's 12 PM. Listen <Its 12 p.m. Its noontime.>

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18.3 When it is 12 oclock at night (12 a.m.)


It's midnight.   Listen   <“It’s midnight. A new count has begun.”>

It's twelve midnight. Listen <Its twelve midnight. Its the middle of the night.>

It's 12 AM.   Listen   <“It’s 12 a.m. A new day is beginning.”>

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18.4 When the time is on the hour


It's two o'clock. Listen <Its two oclock. Im starving. Lets have a late lunch.>

It's two o'clock sharp. Listen <Its two oclock sharp. Its time for our babys nap.>

It's exactly two o'clock. Listen <The mechanic promised us to finish repairs by two oclock. Its exactly two oclock, but our car isnt ready yet.>

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18.5 When the time is ten minutes past the hour


It's ten minutes after two. Listen <Darling, we are supposed to pick up our child at our friends home at three oclock. Its ten minutes after two, and their home is an hour away by car. We will be late.>

It's ten after two. Listen <Its ten after two. Our train was supposed to arrive ten minutes ago.>

It's ten past two. Listen <Its ten past two. My doctors appointment is at three. I have to go soon.>

Its two ten. Listen <What time is it now? Its two ten. Thank you. I have to make myself ready for my doctors appointment.>

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18.6 When the time is fifteen minutes past the hour


It's two fifteen. Listen <Its two fifteen. Wheres Don? He is still out to lunch.>

It's a quarter past two. Listen <My sister will be at my home this evening at six. Do we still have time to go shopping? I guess so. Its a quarter past two.>

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18.7 When the time is thirty minutes past the hour


It's two thirty. Listen <Its two thirty. If you start driving now, youll be at my house by six.>

It's half past two. Listen < Wow! I must have fallen asleep Its half past two. You have to go to your doctors appointment.>

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