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* 19 Going for a Drink, Eating Out (p.3 of 3)


19.13�� When you are not ready to order in a restaurant


I'm not ready to order yet.   Listen   <“Do you know what you want?” – “No. I’m not ready to order yet. May I have a few more minutes to decide?”>

I haven't decided what I want yet.�� Listen�� <�Are you ready to order?� � �No. I haven�t decided what I want yet�.>

I need a few more minutes to decide.   Listen   <“Can I take your order now?” – “I need a few more minutes to decide.”>

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19.14�� When you are ready to order in a restaurant


I'm ready to order.�� Listen�� < � �I�ll take your order in a minute.�>

Can you take my order now?�� Listen�� < � �I�ll be back in a minute.�>

Can I order now?�� Listen�� < � �I�ll be right with you.�>

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19.15�� When you inquire your dining partner about their ordering plans


What are you ordering?�� Listen�� A �What food are you planning to order?��� < � �I�m ordering a bowl of soup and a beef sandwich.�>

What are you having?�� Listen�� < � �I�ll have a steak with a small salad.�>

What are you drinking?�� Listen�� A �What drink are you planning to order?��� < � �I�m drinking a glass of red wine with my meal and then a cup of coffee with my desert.�>

Have you decided on something?   Listen   < – “I think I’ll take lamb chops.”>

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19.16�� When you ask a waiter about restaurant specials


Do you have any specials today?�� Listen�� < � �The specials are listed on the back of the menu.�>

What are your specials today?�� Listen�� < � �Let me tell you about our specials.�>

What is the special of the day?�� Listen�� < � �The special of the day is fried salmon with white rice and steamed vegetables.�>

What would you suggest?�� Listen�� < � �Pork chops with red wine is very good.�>

What would you recommend?�� Listen�� < � �Shrimp cocktail is good for starters.�>

Do you have any recommendations?�� Listen�� < � �I would recommend lobster bisque and crab cakes made from the local variety of crab.�>

What's the soup of the day?�� Listen�� < � �Our soup of the day is chicken noodle soup.�>

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19.17�� When you give instructions how your steak is to be cooked in a restaurant


I'd like my steak rare.   Listen   <“How would you like your steak prepared?” – “I would like my steak rare.” – “Excellent choice!”>

I'd like my steak medium.�� Listen�� <�How would you like your steak?� � �I�d like my steak medium.�>

I'd like my steak well-done.�� Listen�� <�How would you like that done?� � �I�d like my steak well-done.�>

Can I get it well-done?�� Listen�� < � �Sure. Would you like soup or salad with it?�>

Please make sure it's well-done.�� Listen�� < � �Yes, I will. Would you like a baked potato or rice with it?�>

I want the steak thoroughly cooked.�� Listen�� < � �I will make sure of it. What kind of dressing would you like on your salad? We have Italian, Ranch, and Blue Cheese.�>

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19.18�� When you order an additional serving in a restaurant


I need more water.�� Listen�� <�Oh, waiter! I need more water.� � �Sure. Is there anything else I can get for you?�>

I need more bread.�� Listen�� <�Ma�am! I need more bread.�>

I need more coffee.�� Listen�� <�Pardon me! I need more coffee.�>

I need more butter.�� Listen�� <�Excuse me! I need more butter.�>

May I have some more bread, please?�� Listen�� (used with can or may or could)�� <�Miss! Can I have some more bread, please?� � �Oh, sure! Is there anything else?�>

Could I have more coffee, please?�� Listen�� (used with can or may or could)�� < � �Just a moment.�>

Could I have some more butter, please?�� Listen�� (used with can or may or could)�� < � �I�ll be right there.�>

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19.19�� When you ask for a bill in a restaurant


I'd like the bill, please.�� Listen�� A �I would like to receive the bill for my food and drink.��� <The waiter asked, �How was your dinner?� Jane replied, �It was really good. I�d like the bill, please�.>

Check, please.�� Listen�� <After Bob had finished his dessert, he said, �Check, please�.>

Could I have the bill?�� Listen�� (used with can or may or could)�� <�Waiter! Can I have the bill?�>

Could I have the check?�� Listen�� (used with can or may or could)�� <�Did you enjoy your meal?� � �Yes, it was great. Could I have the check?�>

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19.20�� When you want to pay for the meals or drinks of your friends


I'm buying the dinner.�� Listen�� <Jim told me, �I am buying the dinner.�>

The dinner is on me.�� Listen�� A �I am paying the bill for the dinner.��� <John grabbed the check and told his friends at the table, �The dinner is on me.�>

I'm buying the drinks.�� Listen�� <�I am buying the drinks.� � �Thank you, dear friend. It�s so nice of you.�>

The drinks are on me.�� Listen�� A �I am paying for the drinks.��� <�Guys, the drinks are on me�, said Bill at the end of the dinner.>

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19.21�� When you want each person to pay for their meals or drinks


Let's go Dutch.�� Listen�� A �Let us split the cost of our meal so that everyone pays for his or her own expenses.��� <After the dinner my girlfriend told me, �Let�s go Dutch.�>



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