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* 20 Unpleasant Conversations (p.4 of 5)


20.14 When you want an annoying person to leave


Go away! Listen A Leave me! <Tom! Tom! Whats the matter? Im mad at you. Go away!>

Get lost! Listen A Make yourself missing! Disappear! Go out of sight! <Im sorry about our conversation! Youre such a pest. Get lost.>

Get out of here! Listen A Leave this place! Go away! <Leave my room now! Dont you understand? Get out of here!>

Beat it! Listen A Get out of here! <Children, go somewhere else to make noise. Beat it!>

Bug off! Listen <Dont you have anything else to do? Bug off!>

Buzz off! Listen <Quit following me around! Buzz off!>

Shoo! Listen <I dont want to see you. Shoo!>

Go jump in the lake! Listen A Get lost! Disappear! <I dont need a watchdog! Go jump in the lake!>

Go jump off a cliff! Listen <Youre driving me crazy! Go jump off a cliff!>

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20.15 When you feel you are not welcome


If you want me to leave, why don't you just say so? Listen <You dont need to affect friendliness toward me. If you want me to leave, why dont you just say so?>

If you want me to leave, just ask. Listen <Am I disturbing you? If you want me to leave, just ask.>

Would you like me to leave? Listen <It seems like you guys are going to have a private conversation. Would you like me to leave?>

Do you want me to leave? Listen <I know you dont like my presence. Do you want me to leave?>

Do you want me to go away? Listen <We used to be friends. I see something has changed. Do you want me to go away?>

I know I'm not wanted here. Listen <Im leaving this place now. I know Im not wanted here.>

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20.16 When you want to be left alone


Leave me alone. Listen <What on Earth did I do to you? Explain! Leave me alone. Im busy. Dont you see?>

I just want to be left alone. Listen <Ive heard enough of this nonsense! I just want to be left alone.>

I'm asking you to leave me alone. Listen <Please stop bothering me. Im asking you to leave me alone.>

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20.17 When a person makes you angry


I'm really upset with you right now. Listen A I am angry with you. <Stop pouting. Arent we friends? I am really upset with you now. Leave me alone.>

I'm mad at you. Listen <Why didnt you help me out when I needed it? Im mad at you.>

You're pissing me off. Listen <I hate the way you talk. I hate the way you dress. I hate everything about you. You are pissing me off.>

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20.18 When you are not happy with what a person has done


How could you do that? Listen A Why didnt you stop yourself from doing that? <You broke my grandmothers favorite statuette! How could you do that?>

How could you do such a thing? Listen <You stole my boyfriend! How could you do such a thing? Im your best friend!>

What on Earth were you thinking? Listen <Why did you speed on the freeway? Have you forgotten that cops patrol it regularly and you got a speeding ticket recently? What on Earth were you thinking?>

What could you have been thinking? Listen <You have been stealing money from the company for a few years, and eventually you got caught. What could you have been thinking?>

What got into you? Listen A What silly idea got into you? <Billy, why are you taking toys from your little sister? Dont you see she is crying? What got into you?>

What possessed you to do that? Listen <Billy, did you try to wash our cat with soap in a bathtub? What possessed you to do that?>

I hope you're sorry. Listen <So, you flunked your school test again. Obviously, you hadnt studied hard enough. I hope you are sorry.>

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20.19 When you are angry about the thing a person has done


I can't believe you did that! Listen <I punched your brother right in the eye. I cant believe you did that!>

When will you ever learn? Listen <You saw the children were fighting. Why didnt you stop them? What kind of father are you? When will you ever learn?>

All you think about is yourself. Listen <You stole money from the company, and now you have to go to jail. All you think about is yourself.>

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