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* 21 Perception


21.1�� When your vision is good


I have excellent vision.�� Listen�� <�Can you see that house on the top of the hill? It�s pretty far away.� � �Yes, I can. I have excellent vision.�>

I have good eyesight.�� Listen�� <�When you drive, do you see the road without eyewear well?� � �Yes, I do. I have good eyesight.�>

I�ve got a good eye for color.�� Listen�� <�Can you easily see the three colored lights of the traffic light?� � �Yes, I can. I�ve got a good eye for color.�>

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21.2�� When a person is vision-impaired


He can't see a thing without his glasses.�� Listen�� <�My cousin is a good driver, but he has to wear a pair of very thick eyeglasses. He can�t see a thing without his glasses.�>

He's as blind as a bat.�� Listen�� A �He does not see well.��� <�He even can�t walk straight without his eyewear. He is blind as a bat.�>

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21.3�� When a person is hearing-impaired


He is suffering a hearing loss.�� Listen�� <�Talk louder if you want our grandfather to understand you. He is suffering a hearing loss.�>

He's stone deaf.�� Listen�� <�I don�t think he heard you. He is stone deaf.�>

He is deaf as a post.�� Listen�� <�You have to shout loudly to make him hear at all. He is deaf as a post.�>

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21.4�� When you lack an ear for music


I don't have an ear for music.�� Listen�� <�Your child won the musical contest. How did you like his performance?� � �I am really embarrassed by your question. I don�t have an ear for music.�>

I'm tone-deaf.�� Listen�� <�The performance of this musician is a display of exquisite technique and fastidious taste. � �Unfortunately, I can�t fully appreciate his virtuosity. I�m tone-deaf.�>

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21.5�� When the sound is loud


The sound is too loud.�� Listen�� <�Are you listening to your boom-box? The sound is too loud. Turn it down.�>

That noise is deafening.�� Listen�� <�Cover your ears. A huge airliner is taking off. That noise is deafening.�>

My ears are ringing.�� Listen�� <�The neighbor is mowing his lawn. My ears are ringing.�>

What a racket!�� Listen�� <�A jazz band is playing in the park. What a racket!�>

Are they trying to wake the dead?�� Listen�� <�Why is this rock group so loud? Are they trying to wake the dead?�>

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21.6�� When there is no sound


It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.�� Listen�� <�The forest is calm. There is not a breath of wind. It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.�>


21.7�� When you wonder about a smell


Do you smell something?�� Listen�� < � �I washed our shower room with a disinfectant.�>

Do you smell it?�� Listen�� <�Is there a gas leak? Do you smell it?�>

What smells?�� Listen�� < � �It seems like a skunk came into our backyard last night.�>

What's that smell?�� Listen�� < � �I spilled some gasoline.�>

What's that fragrance?�� Listen�� < � �It�s the perfume you gave me as a birthday present.�>

What's that aroma?�� Listen�� < � �It�s my morning coffee.�>

What's the scent?�� Listen�� < � �Roses are in full bloom in our garden now.�>

What's that odor?�� Listen�� < � �It could be hay. The neighbor mowed his lawn this morning.�>

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21.8�� When you offer a person to smell something


Smell it.�� Listen�� < � �I think natural gas is leaking from the gas stove. What do you think?�>

Sniff this.�� Listen�� < � �It�s a night fragrance of wild flowers.>

Take a whiff of this.�� Listen�� < � �It�s the aroma of freshly baked bread.�>

Get a whiff of this.�� Listen�� < � �It�s an odor of cooking. It smells like bacon and eggs.�>

That smells!�� Listen�� <�Farmers are fertilizing their fields around our town.� � �That smells! The odor is rather unpleasant.�>

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