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22.5�� When you turn a suitor down


Maybe some other time.�� Listen�� A �I am not interested now.��� <�Do you think you will ever go with me?� � �I don�t know. Maybe some other time.�>

I'm not interested.�� Listen�� <�Would you like to go out with me sometime?� � �You�re a good man, but� I am not interested.�>

I'm seeing someone else.�� Listen�� <�Are you free Saturday evening?� � �No, I�m not. I am seeing someone else.�>

You're not my type.�� Listen�� AYou don�t match my stereotype of attractiveness.��� <�I was wondering if you would like to go to a dancehall with me.� � �I�m sorry. You are not my type.�>

You're not my cup of tea.�� Listen�� A �I am not interested.��� <�I�m going to hang out with my friends next weekend. Would you like to join me?� � �You are not my cup of tea.�>

Not if you were the last man on earth.�� Listen�� <�Might you ever be interested in me?� � �You must be joking. Not if you were the last man on Earth.�>

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22.6�� When you describe your spouse or lover


She's my true love.�� Listen�� <�Are you happy with Sue?� � �Yes. She�s my true love.�>

She's the love of my life.�� Listen�� <�She is the love of my life and my best friend.�>

She's my one and only.�� Listen�� <�Do you love your wife?� � �Sure, I do. She is my one and only.�>

I love her more than you�ll ever know.�� Listen�� A �I love her more than you can suspect.��� <�Dad, please understand. Yes, she made a mistake. But she is my wife, and I love her more than you�ll ever know.�>

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22.7�� When a woman is pregnant


She's pregnant.�� Listen�� <�Would you like to spend the holidays with us in Mexico?� � �Thank you for your invitation. My wife can�t travel. She is pregnant.�>

She's expecting.�� Listen�� A �She is expecting a birth of a child.��� <�My wife had a pregnancy test. She is expecting.� � �Again? Your first child is only one year old.�>

She's with child.�� Listen�� <�My wife is very particular about the regularity of her daily routine. She is with child.�>

When are you due?�� Listen�� < � �I am due in May.�>

When is it due?�� Listen�� < � �It is due in May.�>

Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?�� Listen�� < � �The doctor performed an ultrasound examination of the fetus. I don�t know how accurate the test was, but it showed a girl.�>

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22.8�� When you highlight family unity


We are all family.�� Listen�� <�Children, you can�t fight. On the contrary, you have to help each other. We are all family.�>

Blood runs thicker than water.�� Listen�� A �Family is more important than trivial things.��� <�I helped my brother to get out of his predicament. That cost me dear. I had to do that anyway. Blood runs thicker than water.�>

How can you do that to your own flesh and blood?�� Listen�� < �Billy, don�t make your little sister cry. How can you do that to your own flesh and blood?�>

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22.9�� When you lead a stable life after marriage


I'm a married man.�� Listen�� <�No wonder I look the way I do, well groomed and tidy. I am a married man.�>

I settled down.�� Listen�� A �I settled into a calm way of life.��� <�I met my wife in Los Angeles. I settled down and started a family.�>

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22.10�� When you lead a boring life


I'm stuck in a rut.�� Listen�� A �I am conducting a habitual life that never changes.��� <�I�m forty five, and I�m stuck in a rut. I�ve got to change my life.�>



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