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* 5 Directing a Conversation (p.3 of 8)


5.9�� When you don�t understand what a speaker has said


Sir?�� Listen�� AI didn�t hear what you said, sir, so could you please repeat it.��� <�Can you please help me with my luggage?� � �Sir?� � �I need you to help me with the luggage.�>

Ma�am?�� Listen�� AI didn�t hear what you said, ma�am, so could you please repeat it.��� <�How can I get to Maple Street?� � �Ma�am?� � �I�m looking for Maple Street. Do you know where it is?�>

Pardon me?�� Listen�� AI didn�t understand what you said, so could you please repeat it.��� <The man had a strong accent. Suzy did not understand his question and said, �Pardon me?�>

Excuse me?�� Listen�� <�Which floor do you need?� � �Excuse me?� � �Where do you want me to stop the elevator?�>

I�m sorry?�� Listen�� <�Would you like regular or decaf?� � �I�m sorry?� � �We have coffee of regular strength and decaffeinated coffee. Which one do you prefer?�>

I�m sorry. I missed that.�� Listen�� <�Breakfast is served at 8 a.m.� � �I�m sorry. I missed that.� � �Breakfast will be ready tomorrow at eight o�clock in the morning.�>

I�m sorry. What?�� Listen�� <�It�s so noisy here. I can hardly hear you.� � �I�m sorry. What?� � �Let�s get out of here.�>

What did you say?�� Listen�� <�Make a left turn at the next intersection.� � �What did you say?� � �Turn left!�>

What was that?�� Listen�� <�Is it safe here in Georgia?� � �Yeah. You ain�t gonna worry about nothing.� � �What was that?� � �I�m saying, you don�t need to worry about anything.�>

Could you please repeat yourself?�� Listen�� <�Sometimes I don�t understand you. Could you please repeat yourself?�>

Could you please repeat that?�� Listen�� <�I didn�t get what you said. Could you please repeat that?�>

Could you please say that again?�� Listen�� <�You have an accent. Could you please say that again?�>

Say that again.�� Listen�� <�Say that again. And speak more clearly this time�.>

I didn�t quite get that.�� Listen�� AI didn�t hear what you said, so could you please repeat it.��� <�I didn�t quite get that. What did you say?�>

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5.10�� When you don�t understand what a speaker is saying


I don�t understand you.�� Listen�� <The old man cupped his hand to his ear and said, �I don�t understand you. Speak louder.�>

I can�t understand you.�� Listen�� <She told me, �You�ve got an accent. I can�t understand you.�>

I can�t hear you.�� Listen�� <The schoolboy said bashfully, �I�m sorry. I won�t do that again.� The teacher said angrily, �I can�t hear you. Repeat.�>

Could you please speak slower?�� Listen�� <�Could you please speak slower? I can hardly understand you.�>

Please speak more slowly.�� Listen�� <�I don�t understand you. Please speak more slowly.�>

Speak up.�� Listen�� ASpeak louder. Turn your voice up.��� <�I don�t hear well. Please speak up.�>

Could you please speak louder?�� Listen�� <The old man told me, �Could you please speak louder? I can hardly hear you.�>

Could you spell that?�� Listen�� <�I�m looking for O�Reilly�s. It�s a bakery. Can you help me?� � �Hmm� Could you spell that?�>

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5.11�� When you don�t follow the speaker�s train of thought


I don�t follow.�� Listen�� <�Your logic seems sketchy. I don�t follow.�>

I don�t follow you.�� Listen�� <�Can you say that in plain English? I don�t follow you.�>

I don�t quite follow you.�� Listen�� <�Could you explain that in more detail? I don�t quite follow you.�>

I�m not following you.�� Listen�� <�Could you elaborate on that? I�m not following you.�>

I�m not sure I follow.�� Listen�� <�Could you amplify your point? I�m not sure I follow.�>

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5.12�� When you don�t understand the speaker�s point


I don�t understand your point.�� Listen�� <�I don�t understand your point. Could you provide some details?�>

I don�t get it.�� Listen�� <�My sister loves her husband. At the same time, she keeps telling me how unhappy her marriage is.� � �I don�t get it. It appears like she can�t make up her mind.�>

I didn’t quite get that.   Listen   <“This economic theory teaches us that if the government increases taxes, it has more money to give to the people.” – “I didn’t quite get that. Why doesn’t the government leave money in the people’s pockets in the first place?”>

I don�t see what you�re getting at.�� Listen�� <�I understand your premises and logic, but I don�t see what you�re getting at.�>

I�m not sure I get your point.�� Listen�� <�I�m not sure I get your point. What do you want to say?�>

I�m not sure I get what you mean.�� Listen�� < � �Let me explain my thought once again, and you please listen carefully this time.�>

I�m not sure I know what you mean.�� Listen�� <�The recent test is showing that your glucose level is way too high. You might have diabetes.� � �I�m not sure I know what you mean.� � �It�s a chronic disease. You will be dieting for the rest of your life.�>

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5.13�� When you bring up a counter point


I hate to bring this up, but��� Listen�� <�I hate to bring this up, but I see a major flaw in your theory.�>

I don�t mean to be negative, but��� Listen�� <�I don�t mean to be negative, but the basis of your theory is questionable.�>

I don�t mean to be rude, but��� Listen�� <�I don�t mean to be rude, but Professor Johnson comes to a different conclusion.�>

I may be wrong, but��� Listen�� <�I may be wrong, but my test results contradict your assumptions.�>

Correct me if I am wrong, but��� Listen�� <�Correct me if I�m wrong, but some parts of your theory contradict each other.�>

You might be right, but��� Listen�� <�Mr. Einstein, you might be right, but your theoretical results are hardly verifiable experimentally.�>

You may have a good point, but��� Listen�� <�You may have a good point, but your proof is insufficient at best.�>

That may be true, but��� Listen�� <�That may be true, but you can�t prove it.�>

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