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* 10 Secrets



10.1�� When you share a secret with somebody


Can you keep a secret?�� Listen�� AI am going to tell you something that I want you to keep a secret.��� (used with can or could)�� < � �Sure!� � �Then listen. I�m pregnant.�>

Confidentially��� Listen�� AIn a private manner, between ourselves.��� <�Confidentially, I�m not sure if the mother knows all the truth about her daughter. Please keep our little secret private.�>

I�m telling you this in confidence.�� Listen�� AI�m telling you this in secrecy, privately.��� < � �What�s going on?� � �Tom and I are engaged.�>

I�m telling you this in the strictest of confidence.�� Listen�� < � �Don�t worry. I�ll never tell anyone.�>

Can you swear on your mother�s grave?�� Listen�� < � �Sure. What happened?�>

Just between you and me.�� Listen�� <�I�m looking for a new job. Just between you and me.�>

Keep a seal on it.�� Listen�� <�I am strapped for cash. I�m selling my collection. Keep a seal on it.�>

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10.2�� When you ask a person to keep a secret


This is top secret.�� Listen�� AThis information is highly confidential.��� <�You can�t disclose the contents of this memorandum to anyone. This is top secret.� � �I understand.�>

This is for your eyes only.�� Listen�� <�I�m giving this report to you for a few hours. This is for your eyes only.� � �Trust me. It won�t leave this room.�>

This is for your ears only.�� Listen�� <�Can you keep a secret?� � �Sure.� � �This is for your ears only. Jim is in jail again.� � �Wow. Well, I won�t tell a soul.�>

This is off the record.�� Listen�� AThis should not be publicly reported.��� <�This is off the record.� � �What happened?� � �Our boss has just got fired. We�re going to have a new department manager on Monday.�>

This is not for the record.�� Listen�� <�This is not for the record. I submitted my resignation to the board of directors. It has not been approved yet.�>

This is not to be quoted.�� Listen�� <�The Senator is not going to run for President. This is not to be quoted.�>

This is not for public disclosure.�� Listen�� <�I�ve heard the rumor that you�re looking for a new job.� � �That�s right. But this is not for public disclosure.�>

This is not for publication.�� Listen�� <�I want to show you our new results. This is not for publication.�>

Don�t say I told you.�� Listen�� <�Sue has broken up with her boyfriend. Don�t say I told you.� � �Of course not! You know me.�>

Don�t say who told you.�� Listen�� <�A group of my friends went to Las Vegas for the weekend. Don�t say who told you.�>

Don�t let it out of this room.�� Listen�� <�Have you heard about Sheryl and Bob? � �No. Tell me.� � �They eloped. Don�t let it out of this room.�>

Don�t let the cat out of the bag.�� Listen�� ADon�t reveal the secret.��� <�Is it true that our company is practically bankrupt?� � �Yes. However, don�t let the cat out of the bag. People don�t need to be nervous.�>

Don�t let this go any further.�� Listen�� <�Are you really selling your car? You�re so proud of it!� � �Yes, I am. I need money. Don�t let this go any further.�>

Don�t let this get around.�� Listen�� <�If you want to access this website, here are my nickname and password. Don�t let this get around.�>

Don�t let this get out.�� Listen�� <�Terry�s husband is drinking again. Don�t let this get out.�>

Don�t tell a soul.�� Listen�� A �Don�t tell anybody about it.��� <�Are you engaged with your boyfriend?� � �Yes. Don�t tell a soul. It�s out secret.�>

Don�t breathe a word of this to anyone.�� Listen�� A �Don�t tell any of this to anyone.��� <�Mary�s wedding has been cancelled. Don�t breathe a word of this to anyone.�>

Keep quiet about it.�� Listen�� A �Don�t tell anybody about it.��� <�Your niece Lucy ran away from home. Keep quiet about it.�>

Keep it to yourself.�� Listen�� <�I�m sharing this information with you in strict confidence. Keep it to yourself.�>

Keep your mouth shut.�� Listen�� <�Are you in trouble financially?� � �Yes, I�m in debt. Keep your mouth shut about it.�>

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10.3�� When you promise to keep a secret


Your secret is safe with me.�� Listen�� A �I won�t tell your secret to anybody.��� <�This information is very important.� � �Your secret is safe with me. I swear.�>

I�ll take it to my grave.�� Listen�� A �I won�t tell this secret to anybody until I die.��� <�Don�t you dare tell anyone I told you.� � �I�ll take it to my grave.�>

I won�t tell a soul.�� Listen�� A �I won�t tell this secret to anybody.��� <�I hope you are a tight-lipped person.� � �Trust me. I won�t tell a soul.�>

My lips are sealed.�� Listen�� <�Don�t tell my mother about it.� � �Don�t worry. My lips are sealed.�>

It won�t leave this room.�� Listen�� <�I prefer you wouldn�t mention this to anyone.� � �It won�t leave this room.�>

I won�t breathe a word of it.�� Listen�� <�I hope you won�t tell anybody about this.� � �You got it. I won�t breathe a word of it.�>

I swear on a stack of bibles.�� Listen�� <�Don�t tell anybody.� � �I understand. I swear on a stack of Bibles.�>

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