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* 12 Stress, Anxiety, Excitement (p.4 of 9)


12.13�� When you offer moral support


I�m here for you.�� Listen�� <�I�m lonely. I�m depressed.� � �I�m here for you.�>

I�m here if you want to talk about it.�� Listen�� <�I have problems at work.� � �I am here if you want to talk about it.�>

If you need someone to talk to, I�m available.�� Listen�� <�You know, my life is not exactly what I expected it to be.� � �If you need someone to talk to, I am available.�>

Would you like to talk about it?�� Listen�� <�My sister hates me. My girlfriend doesn�t like me. Even my cat can hardly bear me.� � �Would you like to talk about it?�>

Do you need someone to talk to?�� Listen�� <�I�m going to have a nervous breakdown.� � �Do you need someone to talk to?�>

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12.14�� When you are overworked


I have no time to call my own.�� Listen�� A �I am very busy working.��� <�This month I�m very busy with an urgent job. I have no time to call my own.�>

I don�t have time to breathe.�� Listen�� A �I don�t have spare time.��� <�Our project is getting down to the wire. I don�t have time to breathe.�>

I don�t have time to catch my breath.�� Listen�� <�I don�t read books, I don�t watch television. I don�t have time to catch my breath.�>

There aren�t enough hours in the day.�� Listen�� A �There is so much work to do and so little time.��� <�I�m behind schedule and the deadline is approaching fast. There aren�t enough hours in the day.�>

I�m burning my candle at both ends.�� Listen�� A �I am spending much time working.��� <�I work late nights. I�m burning the candle at both ends.�>

I�m doing the job of two people.�� Listen�� <�I�m so busy these days. I�m doing the job of two people.�>

I�m a slave to my job.�� Listen�� A �All my time and thought belong to my job.��� <�The project takes up all of my time. I am a slave to my job.�>

This job will be the death of me.�� Listen�� A �This job will kill me.��� <�I haven�t had a vacation for three years. This job will be the death of me.�>

Some people just don�t know when to quit.�� Listen�� A �Some people don�t know when to stop working hard.��� <�I�m a workaholic. My father was a workaholic too. He almost died from a heart attack. Some people just don�t know when to quit�>

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12.15�� When a problem is resolved


We made it!�� Listen�� A �We succeeded!��� <�The war is over. We made it!�>

We got it!�� Listen�� A �We found the right answer!��� <�That�s exactly what we have been looking for. We got it!�>

We did it.�� Listen�� <�We finished the project. We did it.�>

We did it just in time.�� Listen�� A �We succeeded just before it was too late.��� <�The job wasn�t easy. We did it just in time.�>

We did it in the nick of time.�� Listen�� A �We succeeded at the last possible instant.��� <�The deadline was approaching fast. We did it in the nick of time.�>

This is it.�� Listen�� AThis is the thing we need.��� <�Where is our street? We have been looking for it for half an hour.� � �This is it! I recognize it.�>

That�s it.�� Listen�� AThat�s the answer to the problem.��� <�Put this piece into your puzzle.� � �You�re right! That�s it!�>

That does it.�� Listen�� AThat resolves the problem.��� <�I�m putting the last brick in the wall. That does it. I�m telling you, it was a tough job.�>

Bingo!�� Listen�� A �I have just succeeded!��� <�I�ve just found my car keys! Bingo!�>

All�s well that ends well.�� Listen�� A �An event is good if it ends well even though it was not going well along the way.��� <�The bridegroom has finally gotten to the wedding.� � �Well, all is well that ends well.�>

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12.16�� When a person feels offended


They didn�t mean any harm.�� Listen�� A �You don�t need to feel angry with them. They didn�t want to offend you.��� <�I�m sorry that the boss criticized you at the business meeting. He didn�t mean any harm.�>

You�ve got to roll with the punches.�� Listen�� A �You�ve got to be able to take blows. You�ve got to deal with criticism.��� <�The boss didn�t scold you but criticized you for your mistake. You�ve got to roll with the punches.�>

You�re too sensitive.�� Listen�� A �You are easy to offend.��� <�Sometimes colleagues behave rough. You�re too sensitive. You�ve got to get used to office life.�>

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12.17�� When you feel happy


I�m feeling good.�� Listen�� <�How are you feeling?� � �I�m feeling good.�>

I feel good.�� Listen�� <�How do you feel?� � �I feel good.�>

I�m feeling fine.�� Listen�� <�I heard you won a lottery. How are you feeling now?� � �I�m feeling fine.�>

I feel fine.�� Listen�� <�I�m so happy for you. The wedding ceremony was spectacular. How do you feel as a married lady?� � �I feel fine.�>

I feel great.�� Listen�� <�Now that you�ve won the race, how do you feel?� � �I feel great.�>

I�m happy as can be.�� Listen�� A �I am very happy.��� <�How�s life?� � �I have a family, I have a job, and I have a bank account. I�m happy as can be.�>

I�m as happy as a lark.�� Listen�� <�How�s the family?� � �They are doing fine. I�m happy as a lark.�>

I�m happy as a clam.�� Listen�� <�Have you got the job you wanted so much?� � �Yes, I have. I�m as happy as a clam.�>

I couldn�t be happier.�� Listen�� <�My marriage is great. I couldn�t be happier.�>

I�m on top of the world.�� Listen�� <�Since I got married, I�m on top of the world.�>

I�m in heaven.�� Listen�� <�I�m delighted with my boyfriend�s proposal. I�m in heaven.�>

I�m in seventh heaven.�� Listen�� <�I got a bicycle as a birthday gift. I�m in seventh heaven.�>

I�m on cloud nine.�� Listen�� <�I won the contest. I�m on cloud nine.�>

This is the best day of my life!�� Listen�� <�I proposed to my girlfriend, and she said yes. This is the best day of my life.�>

What a great day!�� Listen�� <�Our football team won! What a great day!�>

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12.18�� When you are enthusiastic about life


Life couldn�t be better!�� Listen�� <�How�s life?� � �Life couldn�t be better. I�m doing just fine.�>

Life�s been good to me.�� Listen�� A �I am doing well in life and I appreciate it.��� <�I have a great family. I like my job. Life has been good to me.�>

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