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* 14 Well-being, Health, Medicine (p.2 of 6)


14.5�� When a person looks sick


You look dreadful.�� Listen�� <�You look dreadful. You need to relax.�>

You look terrible.�� Listen�� <�You look terrible. You need to rest.�>

You look like hell.�� Listen�� <�You look like hell. You need a very long vacation.�>

You look like you�ve been to hell and back.�� Listen�� <�You look like you�ve been to hell and back. You need to see a doctor.�>

You look like death.�� Listen�� <�You look like death. Obviously, your resistance is down.�>

You look like death warmed over.�� Listen�� <�You�ve been running around too much. You look like death warmed over.�>

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14.6�� When a person has sneezed


Bless you.�� Listen�� < � �Thank you.�>

God bless you.�� Listen�� A �May God bless you with good health.��� < � �Thank you.�>

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14.7�� When you ask a person about their well-being or health


How is your health and well being?�� Listen�� < � �I had two surgeries last month. I�m much better now.�>

Are you OK?�� Listen�� A �Are you well?��� < � �Not really. I have a headache.�>

Are you feeling OK?�� Listen�� A �Are you feeling well?��� < � �I�m just a little tired. Let me take my pills.�>

Are you all right?�� Listen�� < � �My stomach is hurting me.�>

Do you feel all right?�� Listen�� < � �No, I don�t. I can�t drive a car. I need to take a nap.�>

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14.8�� When you are concerned about catching a disease


This disease can be contagious.�� Listen�� <�Do you have a flu? This disease can be contagious.�>

This disease can be catching.�� Listen�� <�Have you got influenza? This disease can be catching.�>

I don�t want to catch it.�� Listen�� <�Do you have a cold? I don�t want to catch it.�>

Don�t give it to me.�� Listen�� <�I see you have a cold. Don�t give it to me.�>

It�s been going around.�� Listen�� <�They are talking about some kind of viral infection. It�s been going around.�>

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14.9�� When you have a problem with the nose


My nose is clogged.�� Listen�� <�I have a problem breathing. My nose is clogged.�>

My nose is stuffed up.�� Listen�� <�I have a flu. My nose is stuffed up.�>

My nose is congested.�� Listen�� <�I�m sick as a dog. My nose is congested.�>

My nose is running.�� Listen�� <�I don�t feel well. My nose is running.�>

I�ve got a running nose.�� Listen�� <�I carry tissue paper with me. I�ve got a running nose.�>

I have a nasal congestion.�� Listen�� <�Stay away from me. I have a nasal congestion.�>

My sinuses are congested.�� Listen�� <�My flu has gotten worse. My sinuses are congested.�>

My sinuses ache.�� Listen�� <�I�m on antibiotics now. My sinuses ache.�>

My sinuses are bothering me.�� Listen�� <�First, I had a running nose. Now, my sinuses are bothering me.�>

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14.10�� When you have a problem with the eyes


My eyes are swollen.�� Listen�� <�Look at my face. My eyes are swollen.�>

My eyes are red.�� Listen�� <�Look at me. Do you see inflammation? My eyes are red.�>

My eyes itch.�� Listen�� <�I�ve got a severe cold. My eyes itch.�>

My eyes are itchy.�� Listen�� <�All my mucous membranes are sore. My eyes are itchy.�>

My eyes hurt in the bright light.�� Listen�� <�My face is swollen. I have a burning sensation in the throat. My eyes hurt in the bright light.�>

I don�t see well.�� Listen�� <�I am dizzy. I don�t see well.�>

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