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* 15 Visiting (p.5 of 6)


15.23�� When you want to introduce a person to somebody else


This is Bill.�� Listen�� <�This is Bill. He works with me at the marketing department.� � �Hello, Bill. I�m Natalie. I used to work at the same company.�>

This is my friend Tom.�� Listen�� <�This is my friend Tom. He is an artist.� � �Nice to meet you, Tom.�>

I would like you to meet Harry.�� Listen�� < � �I believe we�ve met. How have you been, Harry?�>

I�d like you to meet my friend James.�� Listen�� < � �I�m glad to meet you, James.�>

I�d like to introduce to you my sister Samantha.�� Listen�� < � �Hello, Samantha. Nice meeting you.�>

Nancy, have you met Bill?�� Listen�� < � �No, I have not. But I�ve heard a lot�.>

Alice, do you know Christopher?�� Listen�� < � �Oh yes, I believe we�ve met. How are you, Christopher?�>

Have you met?�� Listen�� < � �No, we have not.�>

Have you two met each other?�� Listen�� < � �I don�t believe we have.�>

Have you two been introduced?�� Listen�� < � �Yes, we have just now.�>

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15.24�� When you have just been introduced to a person for the first time


Nice to meet you!�� Listen�� <�I�m Bob.� � �I�m Mary.� � �Nice to meet you, Mary!� � It�s a pleasure, Bob.�>

Nice meeting you.�� Listen�� <�My name is Jim.� � �My name is Jessica.� � �Nice meeting you, Jessica.� � �I�m happy to meet you, Jim.�>

Pleased to meet you.�� Listen�� <�I�m Henry.� � �Pleased to meet you, Henry. I�m William.� � �I�m pleased to meet you too, William.�>

It's a pleasure.�� Listen�� A �It�s a pleasure to meet you.��� <�I would like you to meet my cousin Joe.� � �It�s a pleasure.�>

What a pleasure to meet you!�� Listen�� <�Jeremy, this is my cousin Sue.� � �Hi, Sue. I�m Tom. What a pleasure to meet you!�>

I'm glad to meet you.�� Listen�� <�This is Bill. I told you about him.� � �Hello, Bill. I�m glad to meet you.�>

I'm happy to meet you.�� Listen�� <�Tom, meet Jennifer, my cousin.� � �I�m happy to meet you, Jennifer.�>

I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.�� Listen�� A �I�m very glad to meet you.��� <�This is my brother Hank.� � �How are you, Hank? I�m delighted to make your acquaintance.� � �Likewise.�>

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15.25�� When you start a conversation with a person you have been introduced to


I�ve heard so much about you.�� Listen�� <�This is my friend Jeremy. He lives in New York.� � �Hello, Jeremy. I�ve heard so much about you.�>

I�ve heard so much about you I feel I know you already.�� Listen�� <�This is my brother Ron.� � �I�m glad to meet you, Ron. I�ve heard so much about you I feel I know you alredy.�>

Bob has told me all about you.�� Listen�� <�I�m Kirk.� � �Kirk! I�m happy to meet you in the flesh. Bob has told me all about you.�>

Bob has told me so much about you.�� Listen�� <�What a pleasure to meet you personally! Bob has told me so much about you.�>

So, we finally meet face-to-face.�� Listen�� A �We meet in person.��� <�I guess we had a chance to talk over the phone.� � �So, we finally meet face-to-face.�>

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15.26�� When you believe that you might know a person you have been introduced to


I believe we�ve met.�� Listen�� <�Terry, this is my friend Sally.�� �I believe we�ve met. It�s nice to see you again, Sally.�>

Have we met before?�� Listen�� < � �Maybe. Did you attend Mike Simpson�s birthday party a month ago?�>

Have I seen you somewhere before?�� Listen�� < � �Hardly. I have lived in Kentucky all my life. I�m just visiting my friend for a couple of weeks.�>

Didn't we meet at the party two weeks ago?�� Listen�� < � �Oh, yes! I remember, you got drunk and fell in the swimming pool.�>

Don't I know you from somewhere?�� Listen�� < � �I don�t think so. I have just moved to town from Kansas.�>

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15.27�� When you are approached by a person you believe you don't know


I'm sorry, do I know you?�� Listen�� <�Hello, I�m Mary.� � �I�m sorry, do I know you�?>

I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.�� Listen�� <�It looks like it�s going to rain.� � �It sure does. Oh, I�m sorry, I�ve forgotten your name.�>

I don't believe I've had the pleasure.�� Listen�� A �I don�t think I have ever met you before.��� <�Sir, your face looks familiar to me. Have we met before?� � �I don�t believe I�ve had the pleasure.�>

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15.28�� When you want to make sure that you got a person's name right


I'm sorry, what was your name again?�� Listen�� A �I didn�t hear your name well at the time of introduction.��� < � �It�s Laura.� � �I�m delighted to make your acquaintance, Laura.� >

I didn't catch your name. I'm terrible at names.�� Listen�� < � �I�m Mark. Mark Johnson.� � �Nice to meet you, Mark.�>

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15.29�� When you mention a notable person


He is the life of the party.�� Listen�� A �This lively person is the center of interest and fun at a social gathering.��� <�Don�t forget to invite Hank. He is the life of the party.�>

She is the talk of the town.�� Listen�� A �This person is the subject of discussion in this place.��� <�Everybody noticed the manager�s sister at the corporate party. Now she is the talk of the department.�>

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