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17.34 When a thing is broken or out of order


It doesn't work. Listen <Something is wrong with the clock. It doesnt work.>

It's broken. Listen <Look at this key. Its broken.>

It's out of order. Listen <The refrigerator is leaking. Its out of order.>

It's out of service. Listen <The pump number five at the gas station wont pump gasoline. Its out of service.>

It's dead. Listen A There is no power in it anymore. <I cant start the car. There is a problem with the battery. Its dead.>

It's on the blink. Listen A It is not working right. <Our TV set doesnt show the picture well. Its on the blink.>

It's on the fritz. Listen A It is not in working order. <Our toaster is burning bread. Its on the fritz.>

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17.35 When what you get is not what you expected


It's a far cry from what I expected. Listen <I read your report. Its a far cry from what I expected.>

I expected something more. Listen <I watched his new movie. Honestly, I expected something more.>

It's not what I expected. Listen <I dont have much to say about his new book. Its not what I expected.>

It's not what I anticipated. Listen <I feel sort of disappointed with the way he is handling the situation. Its not what I anticipated.>

It's not what I hoped for. Listen <I received your recent test results. I must admit, its not what I hoped for.>

It's not what I had in mind. Listen <I got your formal proposal. Its not what I had in mind.>

It's not what I pictured. Listen <I dont like my life in Antarctica. Its not what I pictured.>

It's not what its cracked up to be. Listen A It is not what it is expected to be. <I dont really like my sisters unmarried life. Its not what its cracked up to be.>

I was hoping for more. Listen <The return on my investment is meager. I was hoping for more.>

I was counting on more. Listen <This deal isnt really profitable. I was counting on more.>

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17.36 When you feel deceived


I've been cheated. Listen <My business partner stole my money. Ive been cheated.>

I was taken advantage of. Listen <She took off with my savings and car. I was taken advantage of.>

I got taken. Listen <The last thing I remember about her is her promise to come back. She never returned. I got taken.>

I got taken to the cleaners. Listen A I got cleaned out. <He took my money and never supplied the merchandise. I got taken to the cleaners.>

I got a bum deal. Listen A I got a bad deal. <I paid him for the information, but I never received it. Most likely, he simply didnt have this information. I got a bum deal.>

I got left holding the bag. Listen A I got left dealing with the consequences. <She made a lot of debts to my name, and disappeared. I got left holding the bag.>

They got the best of me. Listen <We had a deal, but they didnt live up to their end of the bargain. They got the best of me.>

I didn't get what I bargained for. Listen <They supplied the material of lower grade to me. I didnt get what I bargained for.>

I got screwed. Listen A I got swindled. <He admitted his debt before me and paid me the first installment. Then, he went bankrupt. He still owes me much money which I will never receive. I got screwed.>

I was taken for a ride. Listen A I was made to believe something that turned out to be a lie. <We agreed to meet in a certain place at a certain time. He never showed up. I was taken for a ride.>

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17.37 When you highlight your extra effort


I gave you the royal treatment. Listen <You cant complain about my care. I gave you the royal treatment.>

I've treated you like a king. Listen <Why arent you satisfied with my service? Ive treated you like a king.>

I've gone out of my way to please you. Listen A I have done more than was necessary. <No wonder you are so happy. Ive gone out of my way to please you.>

I've gone the extra mile. Listen A I have worked extra to reach a goal. <I managed to win this contract. How? Ive gone the extra mile.>

I've bent over backwards for you. Listen A I have assumed an unnaturally crooked position to please you. <Why arent you happy? Ive bent over backwards for you.>

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17.38 When you praise a busy person


You are as busy as a bee. Listen <Mother, look at you! You are as busy as a bee.>

You are as busy as a beaver. Listen <Brother, youre amazing. Youre as busy as a beaver.>

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17.39 When you give advice to a busy person


You're doing too much. Listen <You have to think of your health. Youre doing too much.>

You're trying to do too much. Listen <Youre trying to do too much. It doesnt guarantee the result, though.>

You're overdoing it. Listen <Boss, take a breather. Youre overdoing it.>

You're taking too many things on. Listen <Youre taking too many things on. Youll send yourself to an early grave.>

You're taking on too much. Listen <Youre taking on too much. You dont need to do the work of your subordinates. Youve got to organize their work instead.>

You're carrying the world on your shoulders. Listen <You look worried, and I dont like it. Youre carrying the world on your shoulders.>

You can't be all things to all people. Listen <Remember, you have obligations to your family. You cant be all things to all people.>

You can't please everybody. Listen <You are burning your candle at both ends. Stop it! You cant please everybody.>

A woman's work is never done. Listen <Sister, sit down for a minute and rest. A womans work is never done.>

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