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17.40 When you suggest that a person should not avoid work


A little work never hurt anyone. Listen A A little piece of work never injured anybody, so do this job. <Son, take a shovel and clear the driveway from the snow. A little work never hurt anyone.>

God helps those who help themselves. Listen A Rely on yourself, and God will help you. <My daughter, you cant spend years waiting for a perfect husband to find you. God helps those who help themselves.>

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17.41 When you suggest that a big job should be done collectively


Many hands make light work. Listen A Many workers make work lighter. <Hey, guys, why dont you help me unload the truck? Many hands make light work.>



17.42 When you ask a person to be careful with the thing you have lent to them


I'm trusting you to take good care of it. Listen <My turtle likes fresh cabbage and celery. Im trusting you to take good care of it.>

Take good care of it. Listen <Eat as much fruit from my little garden as you can. Dont forget to water it regularly. Take good care of it.>

Take care of it. Listen <Im leaving now. I hope you will enjoy your stay in my house. Take care of it. Ill be back in a month.>

Bring it back in one piece. Listen <You can take my bicycle. Bring it back in one piece.>

I want it back in one piece. Listen <Heres my car. I want it back in one piece.>

Keep an eye on it. Listen <You can drive my motor scooter to the store. Keep an eye on it, though.>

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17.43 When a person is selfish or callous


Do you have no thought for anyone but yourself? Listen <I have interests and aspirations of my own. Do you have no thought for anyone but yourself?>

You're heartless. Listen <I asked you for a little money, and you turned me down. Youre heartless.>

You've got no heart. Listen <The negligent way you treat people amazes me. Youve got no heart. Dont be surprised when people pay you back in your own coin.>

You've got a heart of stone. Listen <I dont want to talk with you anymore. Youve got a heart of stone.>

You're thick-skinned. Listen <I asked you for a little help. I never received it. Youre thick-skinned.>

You're cold-blooded. Listen <I begged you when I needed your help. I got no response. Youre cold-blooded.>

You're as cold as ice. Listen <I waited for you when I needed you most. You never showed up. Youre cold as ice.>

You're a cold fish. Listen <You dont love anybody. Youre a cold fish.>

Do you have no conscience? Listen <You cant steal from your relatives. Do you have no conscience?>

Dont you have any scruples? Listen <You are flirting with your husbands brother! Dont you have any scruples?>

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17.44 When a person is rigid in character


He's as stubborn as a bull. Listen <He is a solitary man living according to his own rules. He is stubborn as a bull.>

He's set in his ways. Listen <In business my boss follows certain principles. He is set in his ways.>

You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Listen <She is too old to use a cell phone. You cant teach an old dog new tricks.>

A leopard can't change his spots. Listen <He has been a jealous husband for all of his life. His wife is an elderly lady now, but he is still suspicious of other men. A leopard cant change his spots.>

Old habits die hard. Listen <The doctor told him to quit smoking, but he sometimes enjoys an occasional cigar. Obviously, old habits die hard.>

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17.45 When you don't want a person to hurt somebody


Think before you speak. Listen <Your sister is very vulnerable, and you can be rude sometimes. Think before you speak.>

Think before you act. Listen <In the summer camp you will live side by side with other children. Try to get along with them. Think before you act.>

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17.46 When you explain your actions


Put yourself in my shoes. Listen <I made the only right decision in that situation. Put yourself in my shoes. You would have done the same.>

I didnt have another choice. Listen <I was forced to vote against your proposal. I didnt have another choice.>

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