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* 18 Telling Time (p.2 of 2)


18.8�� When the time is forty minutes past the hour


It's one forty.�� Listen�� <The teacher said, �Children, it�s one forty. You have twenty minutes to complete your test.�>

It's twenty to two.�� Listen�� <�It�s twenty to two. The class is almost over.�>

It's twenty minutes till two.�� Listen�� <�It�s twenty minutes till two. My doctor�s appointment is at three. I have plenty of time to get to the doctor�s office.�>

It's twenty till two.�� Listen�� <�Waiting in this long line is tedious. It�s twenty till two. I�ve already lost a good deal of time here.�>

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18.9�� When the time is forty-five minutes past the hour


It's four forty-five.�� Listen�� <The department manager told the employees, �Today is Friday. It�s four forty-five. You can leave early.�>

It's a quarter to five.�� Listen�� <�It�s a quarter to five. You have fifteen minutes until the five o�clock news begins.�>

It's a quarter till five.�� Listen�� <�The restaurant opens at five o�clock. It�s a quartet till five. We have to wait fifteen minutes.�>

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18.10�� When the time is fifty minutes past the hour


It�s two fifty.�� Listen�� <�It�s two fifty. My brother�s airplane has just landed.�>

It�s ten to three.�� Listen�� <�It�s ten to three. In a few minutes, let�s start looking for my brother. His airplane has just arrived.�>

It�s ten minutes to three.�� Listen�� <�Hello. My name is Mark. I have a doctor�s appointment at three o�clock.� � �It�s ten minutes to three. Sit down, please. The doctor is with another patient now. He will see you shortly.�

It�s ten till three.�� Listen�� <�It�s ten till three. I�m glad I�m not late for my three o�clock doctor�s appointment today. The traffic on the freeway is terrible.�>

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18.11�� When it is 2:23 PM


It�s two twenty-three p.m.�� Listen�� <�I�m thrilled to see a real rocket launch here in Cape Canaveral.� � �The lift-off is scheduled for two forty-five p.m. It�s two twenty-three p.m. Get ready to watch the show.�>

It's two twenty-three in the afternoon.�� Listen�� <�It�s two twenty-three in the afternoon. The foreign dignitaries will arrive in seventeen minutes.�>

It�s twenty-three minutes past two in the afternoon.�� Listen�� <�Sir, what is the local time in Los Angeles now? I have to adjust my watch.� � �It�s twenty-three minutes past two in the afternoon.�>

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18.12�� When you tell approximate time


It's almost four.�� Listen�� <�It�s almost four. Let�s walk faster. I don�t want to be late for my afternoon class.�>

It's just after four.�� Listen�� <�It�s just after four. My sister has finished her work today. She will be home soon.�>

It's approximately four o�clock.�� Listen�� <�What time is it?� � �I don�t have a timepiece on me. It�s approximately four o�clock.�>

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18.13�� When a clock is inaccurate


Is this clock right?�� Listen�� <�Is this clock right? It appears like it shows time inaccurately.�>

This clock is not accurate.�� Listen�� <�This clock is not accurate. It must be too slow.�>

This clock is fast.�� Listen�� <�This clock is fast. It�s very inaccurate with an error of perhaps a quarter hour a day. I don�t throw it away because it looks antique.�>

This clock is slow.�� Listen�� <�This clock is slow. Something is wrong with its mechanism.�>

My watch is running fast.�� Listen�� <�My watch is running fast. It�s mechanical, and I set it manually by entering the correct time every now and then.�>

My watch has been running slow.�� Listen�� < �I can�t tell you the accurate time. My watch has been running slow.�>

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