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* 26 Shopping (p.2 of 2)


26.7�� When you are just looking and not purchasing


I'm just looking.�� Listen�� A �I am only looking at your merchandise.��� <�Is there anything I could help you with?� � �No, thanks. I�m just looking.� � �If you need me, I�ll be right there.�>

I'm only looking.�� Listen�� <�May I help you?� � �No, thanks. I�m only looking.�>

I'm just browsing.�� Listen�� <�Are you looking for something in particular?� � �No, I'm just browsing. Thanks anyway.�>

I'm just window shopping.�� Listen�� <�Do you want to buy anything in this mall?� � �No, not really. I�m just window shopping.�>

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26.8�� When you ask a particular question about merchandise


Do you have something less expensive?   Listen   < – “Yes, I’ve got exactly what you are looking for. Follow me, please.”>

Do you have anything a bit less expensive?�� Listen�� < � �This is on sale today.�>

Do you have this in a larger size?�� Listen�� < � �Yes, we do. Here, try it on.�>

Do you have this in a smaller size?�� Listen�� < � �It looks like we don�t have that in your size.�>

Do you have this in red?�� Listen�� < � �Yes, we do. Do you need anything else to go with that?�>

Do you have a blouse to match this skirt?�� Listen�� < � �How about this one? It�s a perfect match. Is there anything else I can help you with?�>

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26.9�� When you ask about prices


How much does this cost?�� Listen�� < � �It's $19.95.� � �OK, I'll take it.�>

How much are these?�� Listen�� < � �They are $ 3.75 each.� � �Wow, that's too expensive.�>

How much is this dress?�� Listen�� < � �That one is $7.95.� � �How about this one?�>

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26.10�� When you cannot make a right choice in the store


I just can't make up my mind.�� Listen�� A �I cannot make a decision.��� <�Your store has a good selection. I just can�t make up my mind.� � �If you need help, I�ll be right there.�>

I'm not sure which one I like.�� Listen�� <�They have a short one in red, and a long one in green. I am not sure which one I like.�>

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26.11�� When you want to try on clothes


I want to try this dress on for size.�� Listen�� < � �There is a mirror over there.�>

I'd like to try this suit on.�� Listen�� < � �The fitting rooms are over there.�>

Where is the fitting room?�� Listen�� < � �The women�s fitting room is located near to the escalator.�>

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26.12�� When you are not satisfied with an item


It's too expensive.�� Listen�� <�I like this dress. But I�m afraid my husband won�t approve my purchase. It�s too expensive.�>

It's a little pricey.�� Listen�� <�It�s a little pricey. I saw a similar dress on sale at half price in another department.�>

I don't like the color.�� Listen�� < � �Sorry, we don�t have it in other colors. Is there anything else I can get for you?�>

It's too tight.�� Listen�� < � �Yes, it looks like that. I have a larger size. Would you like to try that on?�>

It's too loose.�� Listen�� <�I believe I�ve lost some weight. This blouse doesn�t fit me. It�s too loose.�>

It's too long.�� Listen�� < � �I can order a shorter one for you. It will arrive in a few days.�>

It doesn�t quite suit me.�� Listen�� A �It is not exactly what I want.��� <�This dress is nice. It doesn�t quite suit me, though. I want something lighter and more ornate.�>

I'll have to keep looking for what I want.�� Listen�� < � �OK. If you need any help, just let me know.�>

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26.13�� When an item is the best in a group


It's the pick of the crop.�� Listen�� A �It�s the choicest part of the whole lot.��� <�Look at this stylish dress. It�s the pick of the crop.�>

It's the cream of the crop.�� Listen�� A �It�s the best part of the whole lot.��� <�This leather jacket is exceptionally good. It�s the cream of the crop.�>

It's the top of the line.�� Listen�� A �It�s the best in a particular line of merchandise.��� <�I like Chanel #5. It�s the top of the line.�>

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26.14�� When you encourage your shopping companion to purchase an item


That looks great on you!�� Listen�� <�Turn around. That looks great on you!�>

That looks nice on you!�� Listen�� <�Look at yourself in the mirror. That looks nice on you!�>

That's your color.�� Listen�� <�That�s your color. It really brings out your eyes.�>

This is you!�� Listen�� A �You look very natural in that!��� <�I�m so glad we found the red dress. This is you!�>

That really fits your figure.�� Listen�� <�Sally, that dress looks good on you!� � �Do you think Tom will like it?� � Yes! That really fits your figure.�>

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26.15�� When you warn your shopping companion to be careful with an item


If you break it, you own it!�� Listen�� A �If you damage this item, you will have to pay for it.��� <�Lucy, this vase is very fragile. And the store manager is looking at you. If you break it, you own it.�>

If you break it, there will be hell to pay.�� Listen�� A �If you damage this item, you will be in serious trouble.��� <�Remember, it�s a demonstration sample. If you break it, there will be hell to pay.�>

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26.16�� When you want your purchase to be gift wrapped


Can I get this gift wrapped?�� Listen�� (used with can or may)�� < � �Sure. What else can I do for you?�>

Can you gift wrap that?�� Listen�� (used with can or could)�� < � �Let me help you. What kind of wrapping paper do you prefer?�>

Would you please gift wrap that?�� Listen�� (used with can or could or would)�� < � �Yes. Please select the wrapping paper.�>

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